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Business Case

Building Queensland is working in partnership with the Gladstone Area Water Board and SunWater to develop a business case to inform the future of the Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project (LFRIP). The business case development has received $2 million funding from the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund (NWIDF), to build on existing information and provide detailed analysis of various aspects of the proposed works.

The Commonwealth Government has also made an election commitment to provide conditional capital funding of $130 million for the LFRIP, subject to receiving the required environmental approvals, the outcomes of the business case and other matters.

The detailed business case analysis will focus on the construction of a new weir at Rookwood, including ancillary infrastructure (river crossings) and road and intersection upgrades. The detailed business case is anticipated to be completed by Quarter 3 2017, and subsequently presented to the Gladstone Area Water Board, SunWater, Queensland Government and the Australian Government for consideration.



Building Queensland, Gladstone Area Water Board and SunWater are seeking information from interested parties about their potential water requirements from the proposed Rookwood Weir to support future business opportunities in the Lower Fitzroy River region.

To inform the development of the business case, Building Queensland, Gladstone Area Water Board and SunWater are seeking information through a request for information (RFI) process from interested persons about their potential demand for water from the proposed Rookwood Weir for agricultural and industrial purposes.

Further information regarding the opportunity, how to provide your information and terms and conditions are provided in Request for Information – Rookwood Weir (April 2017).

Respondents are invited to complete the RFI Form online or download a PDF copy and return it via:

Online Registration

Download a Hard copy RFI Form

Submissions must be received by 5:00 pm (Brisbane, Queensland) on 12 May 2017.

This RFI is not part of a competitive or selective tender process. Any processes which may be run by the proponents (Gladstone Area Water Board and SunWater) or the State in the future about the potential issuing of water allocations or the supply of water from Rookwood Weir will be a separate process to this RFI.

For further information or queries in relation to the RFI please contact the RFI Manager:


Last updated 13 April 2017



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